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Monday, December 26, 2011


       Sfinges are a delicious Sicilian fried dessert made with ricotta cheese.  The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and airy.  They remind me of round sponges.  Sfinges taste best right when you make them and are eaten by dipping them into some honey. I sometimes like to dip them in some syrup as an American twist.  It taste just like a fried waffle that way!
      Ever since I was a little girl, instead of cut out cookies,  it has been a tradition for my grandma (Yolanda) and I to make them every year together during Christmas time or on Christmas day.  This recipe was given to my grandmother from her Aunt Callea and I was lucky enough to have it passed down to me.  It is definitely not Christmas without this dessert around!  This year I made these with my cousin Michelle who would make them with her grandmother as well and we taught my best friend of 24 years Carmen how to make them.  There is nothing better than being in the kitchen with family and friends,  laughing and enjoying good food!
* 1 lb of whole milk ricotta (I use Sargento)  (DO NOT BUY REDUCED FAT!)
* 2 eggs
* 1 Cup of Siften flour (If you do not own a sifter, then go buy one! They are very inexpensive and you must sift the flour for this recipe)
* 3 TBSP of baking powder (yes I said TBSP, this is what will make the sfinge's get so plump)
* 3 TBSP of sugar
* 1 tsp. of pure vanilla extract
* a pinch of salt
* Confectioners sugar (to sprinkle on top when done and make pretty!)
* Vegetable oil for deep frying
* Honey for dipping
* In a bowl, whisk ricotta, eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla
* Sift flour and baking powder and add to mixture (at this point you will need to mix it with a large spoon)

 * Set mixture aside and in a deep frying pan pour oil about 2-3 inches deep and heat on Medium High heat
~Tip: You will know oil is hot and ready by splashing some water into the oil with your fingers.  If it sizzles then it is ready, if it doesn't then it needs to heat up more.
* Drop batter into hot oil by the TBSP's  (do one first just to test and make sure the oil is hot enough and then add more)
* The sfinges will be floating on the top and when the bottom is a nice golden brown flip them over so the other side can get golden brown.  

* When done, remove them from the oil with a large spoon with holes and place them onto a cookie tray that is lined with paper towels to drain some oil.  Continue making the rest.
* When done, transfer to a bowl or plate and sprinkle some powdered sugar on top.
* pour some honey in a small bowl and dip a Sfinge in the honey and eat!

This is one family recipe I intend on always making each Christmas to come!

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Janine said...

yolanda these look SO good....can't wait to try them.