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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pandoro/Panettone French Toast

                Ever since I was a little girl I would love this time of year, especially because that is when Italian import stores, along with some others sell Panettone and Pandoro and my parents would always bring one home. 
        They are both traditional Italian cakes that are served around Christmas and New Years time and are so so good!! Panettone and Pandoro are slightly different kinds of cakes and are sold in many brands and varieties and range any where from $2.00-$40.00!
Here are tons of  Pandoro and Panettone varieties from my local Italian Import Store
       Panettone is a tall cylindrical fruit-filled, yeasted sweet bread originally from Milan and is slightly dryer in texture than Pandoro. 
         Pandoro is also an Italian sweet bread, but is soft, light, spongy, airy, and usually has no fruit in it. Pandoro is baked in a 8 point star shaped pan, making it so pretty to slice up and serve.  
        Both come in a pretty package with a pouch of Zucchero (Italian powdered sugar) to sprinkle on top! 
         Both can be enjoyed by just cutting yourself a slice with powdered sugar or liquor on top.  Both cakes come in such a big size that when it get a little dry I love to cut them and make a delicious french toast or a bread pudding on Christmas morning or usually before Christmas, because I can't wait! The flavor and texture of these cakes make the PERFECT french toast!  If you make this for  your family on Christmas morning, I am pretty sure you wont want to go back to plain white bread french toast again!
         I love Pandoro a little more than Panettone, so I usually buy Pandoro for the french toast, but either or I promise they are just as good!   They also come in mini boxes and would make cute mini french toast slices for the kids.
* 1/2 cup of 2% or whole milk (I always use 2% or whole when cooking, just makes it taste much better and have better texture!
* 4 slices of Pandoro, sliced short side, so it should take the shape of an 8 point star. (You can use Panettone if you prefer that better, but I prefer Pandoro).
* Butter
* If you want more flavor feel free to add cinnamon and vanilla or some orange zest.  I love the natural flavor of the Pandoro, so I do not add any.
* In a round shaped deep dish (a pie plate is the perfect size) add 3 beaten eggs and milk and whisk
 * Slice Pandoro or Panettone short side
* Heat up a large frying pan pr large skillet on Medium heat and brush with butter.
 * Dip Slices one at a time into egg mixture on both sides and place in hot pan.
*Cook about 3-5 minutes on both sides until a golden brown.

* Sprinkle each slice with the Zucchero (Italian  Powdered Sugar) it comes with and serve with Maple Syrup and Fruit ( I love bananas on top!)

Enjoy this beautiful, fluffy, and incredibly delicious French Toast!

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