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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Orange Jello Shot Slices

        A few years ago I was at a birthday party and my friend Jordan walked in with these fancy Jello Shot Slices.  They were so pretty and tasty with a mild vodka taste, orange flavor from the Jello, and you even get a slight bite of the actual orange from the bottom of the slice..  I had her describe to me every detail on how to make these, because I had never seen Jello shots presented in this way.   They are always made inside a Dixie cup or some other sort of mini cup where you had to swirl your finger around it just to get it out.  These make it so much easier to eat and will wow anyone you serve these to.  These would also be fine to make as a non-alcoholic version for the kids or your self.  You would just omit the Vodka and follow the Jello directions on the box as is.  I love to make these for my annual work Holiday party and for other occasions where you have to bring something to pass.  
        Other variations you could make are: Limes- use lime Jello and Lime Vodka or Lemons with Lemon Jello and Lemon Vodka.

(I used about 12 oranges, which made about 40 slices.  Depending on the amount of people your serving them too you can double my estimated recipe or cut it in half).
* 2 packages of Orange Jello
* about 12 Oranges
* 2 cups of water
* 2 cups of Orange Flavored Vodka (That's what I use, but you can use plain Vodka too if you want)
~NOTE: If you want to make these non alcoholic, just substitute the Vodka for 2 cups of ice cold water.
Step #1(Getting the Oranges Ready)
* Slice each orange in half, from the sides where the stem sticks out. (if you cut it from the other side, then it will not sit flat!)
* With a sharp knife, carve around the inside of the orange half
~TIP: be sure you do not cut through the Orange or else when you pour the Jello in, it will leak out!)

* With a spoon, scoop around the orange and scrape as much out as you can and toss the Oranges that you scoop out into a bowl to eat later.
* Lay all of your scooped out hollow oranges onto a tray (a deep tray works best)
~TIP: If your oranges seem like they wont sit up, then just slightly grate the bottom to form a flat surface.
Step #2 Making The Jello
* In a small sauce pan boil 2 cups of water
* once that comes to a boil, turn the heat off and empty 2 packages of Orange Jello mixture into the boiling water and stir until all the Jello powder dissolves.
* Once that dissolves, pour in 2 cups of Orange Flavored Vodka (or 2 cups of ice cold water, if you are making non alcoholic).
* Pour mixture into a 4 cup measuring cup that has a pouring slot.
* pour Jello Mixture into each orange half all the way to the top
* CAREFULLY and SLOWLY transfer oranges to your refrigerator and let chill over night to firm up.
~TIP:I always wait to cover them when they are slightly hard, because if you try while they are in liquid form, then they will probably spill.  They will also spill if you slam your fridge door.  I have done that! So pretty much stay away from the fridge if you can haha. 
Step #3 cutting the Oranges Jello Shot Slices
* Take the oranges out of the Fridge and with a sharp knife, cut your oranges into 3-4 slices, depending on the size or how big you want them to be.

*place them on a serving tray if you are going to serve them right the.
* If you are bringing them somewhere, then place them in a deep baking pan (I buy the throw away Lasagna size ones)
I promise you will enjoy these as will your friends and family. Just be careful with how many you eat!
 What to do I do with all the left over oranges I scooped out?
You definetly do not want to waste them! Here are a few things you can do:
1) Cut them into slices and spread then around a tray.
This is the one I made last year
2) Keep them in your fridge and have a bowl for a snack every day.
3) Strain the juice from them and make some fresh orange juice

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I plan to try this out for the next party I host or attend : ) ~S.H.