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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mexican Pizza

    We enjoy having Mexican night in our house once a week, whether it is tacos, enchiladas, or Mexican Pizza.  This  pizza is so simple to make! This year we decided to stay in for Valentine's Day, because it is always so crazy going out that night.  For dinner I took the Mexican Pizza recipe and just used my heart shape cookie cutter to make heart shape Mexican Pizzas in honor of Valentine's Day.  Normally I just make a rectangular or circular pizza. 
* 3/4 lb of Ground Beef (I use 90%)
* 1/4 lb of ground sausage (I take one sausage link and just remove the casing from it)
* 1 Taco Seasoning Packet
* 3/4 cups of water
* Shredded Mexican Cheese
1 small onion (finely chopped)
* I can of Original Pillsbury Pizza Crust
* Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees
* In a large frying pan cook ground beef, sausage and onion until meat is fully cooked.
* Add the packet of Taco Seasoning and 3/4 cups of water. Mix well and set aside.
* Lightly flour a large wooden board.
* Open up the can of Pizza Crust  and lay on the floured board.
* Using a large heart shaped Cookie Cutter, cut out as many hearts as you can (I think mine made 10) and lay on a cookie sheet.
I pinched around the edges to form a mini cust
* Put in oven for 12 minutes
* Take out of oven and spread meat mixture on Pizza crusts and shredded cheese.
* let cook for another 7 minutes.
To make regular pizza:
* Open can of pizza crust and lay on a rectangular sheet pan. 
* Let crust cook in oven for about 12 minutes.
* Take out of oven and layer with Meat Mixture and Cheese
* Bake for about another 7 minutes

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These are so stinken cute!