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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tasty Dr. Seuss Hats

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's Birthday!  Today in school I celebrated his birthday with my Kindergarten and First graders. I read one out of many of his books and we made fun and yummy Dr. Seuss Hats.  The kids really enjoyed it!
* 3 Round red gummies (I used red Juju's from Wegman's bulk section or you can use red life saver gummies)
* 1 Regular Oreo Cookie
* White Icing
~*~ Additional Supplies ~*~ a small paper dish to make the hat on
* Twist the Oreo in Half.  Keep the cream side and go ahead and eat the other side. :)
* Put about a dime size of white icing in the middle of the oreo and press a red gummy on top.
* Repeat with the following 2 red gummies and the icing. (make sure you can see the white icing, as Dr. Seuss's hat is red and white.
Here is how some of the kids described what we made:

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