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Friday, July 12, 2013

Tuna Fish in Lemon and Olive Oil

Growing up I would eat tuna fish sandwiches the typical mayo and celery way, but my dad always made it the way my great grandmother Calea from Sicily would make it for him as a kid.  She would use fresh and simple ingredients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Lemons, not the unhealthy way that we are use to eating it.  As I got older I learned to appreciate eating Tuna and bread her way, instead of doused in mayo.  Served with some fresh crusty Ciabatta bread, this recipe makes a fantastic lunch or snack.  Since the ingredients are easy and simple, make sure you use good quality oil, bread, and lemons!
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* 1 can of Solid White Meat Tuna
* 1 Celery Stalk
* About 1 TBSP of diced white onion (feel free to add more depending on your taste)
* 2/3 cup of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* 1/2-1 whole Lemon (depending on your taste and how juicy the lemon is.  I like the whole lemon!)
* Salt and ground black pepper to taste
* A loaf of Crusty Ciabatta Bread or other good quality crusty bread
* Open a can of Tuna Fish and drain well
* Place in a bowl and break apart into small pieces with a fork
* Chop up celery into small pieces and add to Tuna
* Dice up Onion and add to Tuna
*Add Juice from a Fresh Lemon
* Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* Season with Salt and Pepper and mix together (taste it as you add the ingredients until it it to your liking)
* Let the Tuna sit for a few minutes to let all the flavors settle together.
* Cut up some fresh Ciabatta Bread (or other bread) and spoon Tuna on top!
* Make sure you also dip some bread into the delicious tasting Oil left in the bowl!


Rebecca said...

Making this this week :)

Yolanda said...

That's great! Let me know if you liked it!

Rebecca Ernst said...

Yolanda! I can't get enough of this recipe LOL. So simple yet my favorite way to have tunafish. I've been making it almost weekly at this point.

Yolanda said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad you are enjoying that recipe! When I wan in Italy my cousin also ate the tuna with slices of fresh tomatoes inside! So good!