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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zucchini Turkey Burger

Yesterday my husband came home from work with this $150, 24 day cleansing kit by Advocare.  It is called the 24 day challenge; maybe you have heard of it before?  With this challenge there are, fiber drinks and other beverages to drink along with a list of foods you can only eat (most of which my husband would normally never touch, such as green vegetables, fruits, whole wheat rice cakes, and unsalted natural peanut butter). While being entertained with watching him attempt this new life style for 24 days, I am also being supportive.  Today we went to the grocery store, Trader Joe's and bought all healthy and organic foods on that list.  I also looks online to find some recipes that go along with this challenge and found a ton.  Tonight I tried one called Zucchini Turkey Burgers and boy were they delicious! Jimmy can't have bread for the first 5 days of this challenge, so I wrapped his in some lettuce and I put mine on some crusty French Bread with Lettuce and Tomato on top. 
Please Click Here for Printable Version:
*1 lb of Lean Ground Turkey
* 1 cooking Onion
* 1 small Zucchini
* 2 large Garlic Cloves
* a pinch of salt and pepper
* 1 tsp. of Ground Cayenne Pepper (the recipe calls for Oregano, but I love the flavor the pepper gives instead)
* a pinch of Nutmeg
* 1 tbsp. of Parsley
* Finely dice or grate the Zucchini (I use my mini food processor, it saves a lot of time!)
* Finely dice or grate the Onion and Garlic (I use my mini food processor. It saves allot of tears!)
* In a large bowl, add the Ground Turkey, Grated Zucchini, Onion, and Garlic.
* Add the Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Nutmeg, and Cayenne Pepper
~*~Note~*~ ground Turkey does not have much flavor, so make sure you add those spices!
* Mix with a spoon or spatula
* Separate into desired size of patties (I got 6 out of them)
* Spray your grill with nonstick grill spray and grill on both sides until no longer pink in the middle.
* Enjoy wrapped in lettuce, on a bun, or on crusty Bread with Lettuce and Tomato!

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